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About Sally

I have always been a huge animal lover, and after a few horseback riding lessons, it wasn't long before I was spending every weekend and all my spare time helping out at my local equestrian center leading to me becoming a qualified instructor.

Life took a change (doesn’t it always?!), and I left the wonderful world of horses to enter the completely different world of international event management.  This was a fabulous career that took me all over the world, working with some remarkable people.  However, I always felt that my true calling was to work with animals again. I just wasn't sure what my role was meant to be.


Through a friend of mine, I learned about animal communication and wanted to learn more.  I attended an animal communication workshop in Seattle and promptly signed up for the entire university program. 

During the Death & Dying part of the course, my dog, King, was diagnosed with acute leukaemia and only given a few weeks to live.


The journey we went on for the next three months showed me in no uncertain terms that this is my life's purpose... to give a voice to those who don’t have one. 

Sally Jenkins

"I was simply amazed at Sally’s skills in animal communication. Before the session, Indie would pretty much eat everything - a garbage mouth you might call it. After Sally had the session with Indie, he stopped eating all of his toys and other things that might make him sick. Her gift is truly a blessing." 

~ Meg Driscoll, Washington

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