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Animal communication is the transference of words, pictures and feelings through telepathy.

Telepathy is a skill we are all born with and as we learn speech as our main form of communication, we stop using telepathy until we no longer believe it is possible. Yet, if you think about it, most people still use it they just put it down to coincidence. For example, have you ever thought about a friend and then they call or you think about someone and wonder if they’re ok, when you reach out you hear they’ve been having a hard time. This is a form of telepathy, an energetic connection that we all have if we allow ourselves to accept it.

Animals communicate in this way and they’ve never been told it’s silly or can’t be done, it just is. As an example, living in Los Angeles, I’ve had times when my dogs have woken me up barking like crazy at what I thought was nothing only for an earthquake to happen a few moments later.

What is animal communication?

Sleeping dogs

How can animal communication help you and your animal?

BEHAVIOR ISSUES: You may be wondering why your animal has a change in their behavior and what caused it or you may wonder why your animal has a certain behavior trait. Understanding why will make any corrections or changes much easier to implement.

Life changes: You could be moving home, having a baby, getting another pet, ending or beginning a relationship. Speaking to your animal to find out how they’re handling the changes and how they feel about it will make dramatic difference in the happiness of the household.

ILLNESS: This is not to diagnose but to assist you and your vet. You may think something is wrong with your animal, by speaking to them and scanning them it can help identify what it feels like and where the discomfort is.  It can also be that you have had a diagnosis and we can do energy work to help the healing in conjunction with your vet’s treatment.

DEATH & DYING: Losing an animal is incredibly heartbreaking. Animal communication helps the process before and after the animal passes.

EMOTIONAL WELLBEING: Often clients might want to know how their animal is doing, what they like/don’t like and what they want to do more of.

NEW PET/ADOPTED PET: Have you just adopted a new animal? You might be wondering how they’re feeling in their new surroundings. Sometimes understanding where they were before or what happened to them before can help the owners and animals settle and/or heal quicker.


*** The above are examples of some of the types of issues animal communication and energy work can help with, it is basically finding out what is going on emotionally, physically and why certain behaviors are being displayed.

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