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~ Kimleigh Smith, Los Angeles

Sally is a gentle and compassionate presence. She tapped into my dog's energy straight away and asked her questions that helped me understand how to react to certain behaviors and enhance her day-to-day life. I was also able to reconcile feelings around a lost family member and how it affected my dog, Rooney. The comfort I received in knowing that my babe was okay, happy and content was priceless. It's an incredible experience that I highly recommend for everyone who loves their animals.  I feel a deeper connection to my dog now, and I thank Sally for making this possible!

~ Ragan Wallake (Rooney's mom), Los Angeles

Just had a great reading from Sally. She was able to talk to Lily and put my mind at ease that she is happy. Sally had Lily’s personality down to a T - a cheeky, clumsy, loving, quirky puppy... and she solved the mystery with the food bowl! I definitely recommend Sally for all your pet idiosyncrasies! Thanks, Sally!
~ Sarah Greenwood, UK

Sally has been helping us with 2 furry members of our family, a young kitty, Faith, and also a young dog, Oscar. Faith was diagnosed with extremely severe anemia and everything was indicating advanced lymphoma and not much time with us. Sally communicated with Faith and told us she wanted to get better. She described Faith exactly as she was and reminded us of certain things from the recent past that we had forgotten about. She put us at ease and helped us connect more to Faith and gave us a better understanding of what was going on.

Oscar is a young dog that we rescued over a year ago. We re-homed him and almost a year later we got a call that the owner was having some troubles. We agreed to help out, and, while doing that we discovered some behavior issues. Sally communicated with him and knew right away what the problem was. She understood that he is a very loving dog that wants to be loved but is full of fear as per his past experiences. Everything she said made perfect sense. 

She also did some energy work sessions on Faith and Oscar. We could see the results very quickly. Faith was getting better and better and Oscar was becoming more and more loving. Truly miraculous work!

I am so impressed with Sally’s skills and loving approach! Sally, we are so endlessly grateful for what you have done for our family. We hope to work more together and meet in person some time.  We highly recommend you, Sally!

~ Diana Szczepanska, Ibiza, Spain

Sally is a gifted animal communicator, and I love her centered, gentle style as she quickly sends messages and receives guidance. She worked on my rescue mare, Lindsey, and told me things she wanted that both confirmed my own intuitive hunch and also what the barefoot trimmer had just told me, as well! I now have an action plan to implement to help my horse feel better and better. I highly recommend her work!
~ Kate Neligan, Equine-Assisted Life/Career Coach, California

Thank you so much for coming out and sharing what my birds had to say. It's so clear to me how tuned in you are and it was amazing to see how well they responded to the conversation! I learned some great ways I could better support them on their journey here and have a better understanding of their struggles and where they came from. My relationship with one of them has a whole new feel to it, after hearing what you shared on his behalf. Thank you so much, I'm really grateful!
P.s I can't wait for you to talk to my horse :)

~ Sam Slodowitz, California

We had a delightful afternoon with Sally as she talked to our rescue horses. She is down to earth and straightforward in her approach.  The highlights of the day were many, but I’ll state a few here.  Joshua told her how he got injured and requested a walk on the trail to add interest to his day, which I granted him the next day. The joy in this horse, as he eagerly explored and the adorable whiney when we came home, seemed to say ‘hey everyone I’m back and it’s really fun out there!’ He’s been more loving with me since his talk with Sally.  Lakota was darling as he told her, “I’m very handsome, and the ladies love me” and bittersweet, as he told her that he’s been trying to give the woman down the block love, but she’s not accepting it. That’s exactly the kind of guy Lakota is! Chardonnay started with, “I’m living between two grumpy men” which is so true given her stall mates, but she feels safest in her stall and likes the view. And, Baskey reassured us that he likes the work he does for the Sanctuary.  

It’s more than fun to hear what Sally told us! We have used the communications to fix a wall between stalls, use aloe on a wound instead of what we were using, and know that the horses are happy and love where they are and what they are doing.

~ Karen Parks, Saffyre Sanctuary, California

We have two different families of indoor kitties and one dog, all living in the same house. Even though I've had many kitties over the years, somehow I misjudged how territorial they can be. Sally took us all on!
She asked for photos of each animal with his/her name. I gave her no more info than that. I've never met Sally. We live in distant cities, so we did all of this by email and phone.
We talked a little bit on speaker phone about the troubles we're having at home because the two different families must be physically separated from each other all the time and it's hard to live with doors closed while keeping careful track of who is where all the time.
After our brief chat, Sally visited silently with each one of the animals, she started with our big, black, mellow Lab and tagged her personality and place in the 'hierarchy' right away. She also got from our dog how loud and crazy we can be in our daily life. And how upsetting it can be for her. (True!) Also, that she's fine with the kitties and doesn't really get why they can't just get along with each other.
Sally then communicated with each kitty, listening and talking with all of them, the two mom-cats, in particular. She was able to identify the major issues between the families, mostly having to do with the mom-cats. 
It's been 4 days so far and we've noticed some calming in behavior, though part of that is also due to big changes in what we're feeding them. We have not yet been able to fully implement her suggestions. They're gradual steps we can take to better integrate our feline families under one roof. The house is plenty big enough and there are lots of different spots and elevations where they can each hang out without getting into it with anyone else... IF they choose.
She even got some extremely valuable info from the two kitties who lived outdoors during the day until a few months ago. So helpful!!
I suggested she offer follow-up sessions for clients. I know I'd love them! We appreciate you and your work so very much, Sally! Already, life is somewhat more peaceful around here, thanks to you!

~ Susan Fraser, Texas

Lindsey is like a different horse. Whatever you are doing with the energy work is helping significantly. I'm inspired to learn this and do it myself, so I can always have it available for her. She is SO susceptible to energy, so I should have realized to do this with her in Dec. when I got her, but I didn’t until now. Thank God you came along :)


She doesn’t even look lame and has excellent energy and was running around on her own last night, which she never does. My friend was there and was so impressed with how she was doing!

~Kate Neligan, 

Equine-Assisted Life/Career Coach 

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