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A Wish Fulfilled...

Updated: Jul 1, 2018

I often get asked for some stories about my animal communication work so I thought I’d start blogging about some of them for you all to enjoy!

A few months ago a lady called me for an animal communication session with her dog, Amber. Amber had a cancerous tumor on her lower spine which was pushing on the nerves to her back legs. This resulted in her losing her strength and eventually her ability to walk unaided.

Her owner, Dawn, wanted to see how Amber was feeling as she was looking at making end of life decisions.

In speaking with Amber, she told me how much she loved to be outside, watch the world go by and be out in nature - particularly if her family was with her. She showed me a park that they used to go to with lots of trees and plenty to investigate!

In relaying this to Dawn, we discussed some options for taking her out. At this point they had to lift her up and she was not a small dog! It could have been easy to assume that Amber’s time had come and that going walking in the park was no longer an option. But in hearing how much it meant to Amber to do this Dawn wanted to find a way to make this happen.

The next day she messaged me to say that Amber had gone outside the night before for the first time in weeks and was so happy. A few days later she sent me this video.

Dawn had gone to their rehabilitation center and they had lent her some wheels for Amber so she could get around on her own outside. Her wishes had come true! Dawn said in her message: “I would have never pursued this without your communication with her. She is so happy right now. Thank you for this amazing gift.”

Amber lived another month before passing on her own terms. Two days before she passed she had gone to the park with her family and her wheels and was able to sniff grass and walk around as she loved to do for what turned out to be her final time.

I’m so grateful I get to do this work and help people and their animals. The difference it made to this family will be a fond memory of mine for a long time to come.


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